Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OOOH... Wacky Wednesday Time!

I almost forgot today's Wacky Wednesday post! I've been saving this one... and almost forgot it...
Sadly, we all know that once "Back to School" is over in the stores, signs like this will be popping up all over the place!

Anti-Social ~ Social Networking

Here is a question I pose to myself today. Anyone reading can feel free to post a comment in response...

Can a person who is anti-social by nature really succeed in Social Networking?

Its odd, because in most circumstances, I would consider myself anti-social. Life has made me that way, sadly. I moved around a lot as a child, 5 states in my first 18 years. Heck, halfway through my senior year it came time to move again so I started school after Christmas break in a whole new state/school. It wasn't easy, and has had both positive and negative effects on me. I am fiercely independent and can handle most anything life hands me on my own... but part of me longs for the human contact of friends, etc that I shelter myself from even to this day.

So here we get back to the question. How does being anti-social affect both being a WAHM and Social Networking? It seems that social networking is a huge part of the WAHM culture, and has been for a long time. Being relatively anti-social has made that aspect of "relationship marketing" and social networking difficult for me. I don't have anything to talk about in the forums, I don't seem to "fit in" most of the time. I join social networks (like Ning) but after a short time the "networking" aspect becomes more like work to me and I just stop. I usually don't even get to the point where people get to know the "real" me at all.

So how does being anti-social work with social networking? So far, not so good.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Well.. I need to follow up on how the 2 experiments have been going for me. First, the more successful one...

I found that using the index cards to keep myself on task worked well, for the most part. But as any WAHM knows, life can't always be planned out. I had some distractions and some additional tasks thrown in there, but for the most part my day went smoothly and by the end of the week most of the cards were ending up in the "completed" pile. Of course some of the "One time only" jobs (like sorting through all the school clothes to see what fits and who gets what) didn't get done, but I DID get ALL of my laundry done, a monumental task with 7 kids. All in all, I consider it a success... and when my older 3 kids come home from their dad's on Sunday and I have some help, things should go even better.

Now for the experiment that was not so successful. Or maybe it was, depending on how you look at it. Avoiding negativity is NOT easy. There were so many things that tripped me up, not much on gossip, but the overall negative emotions and thoughts. I have noticed that when I first started, I felt more bliss, and after a day where I felt bad and complained a lot I had a less positive outlook. So starting over and trying again. I do know that when I focus on the good things I have, I feel great... so back to that.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oooh... Check this out!

One of the Ning groups I am in, Mompreneur Cafe, is hosting a great giveaway...

Slimpressions are body sculpers that help contain the bulge. Helps you LOOK thinner while you are trying to BECOME thinner - or even just to look amazing in that special outfit.

Slimpressions is giving away the product of YOUR choice to one lucky winner! Check it out at .

Slimpressions have even been on What Not to Wear! Such an exciting giveaway - can't keep it to yourself!

Experiment (or 2)

Trying a couple of new things this week. Both stared today.

First is my new "organizational system". I took 2 small envelopes, tucked the seal inside and then several 3x5 cards. I have a few that are set up Morning, Mid Day, Afternoon, Evening that have the things I do multiple times a day (like check e-mail and do loads of laundry) and others with basic things I should do every day. I made a card for each of my sites, with a list of the specific pages that need work as well. The first envelope, that they start the day in, is "To Do" and the other, of course, is completed. It is keeping me on track, but by being individual cards I can re-prioritize and put things at the end of the day, etc if it is low priority. So far its working. I am staying on task and getting cards moved to the "Done" envelope. Will keep updating how it is in a few days.

Second thing came from an e-mail from Shelby Collinge. It was a challenge/experiment for 21 days, to avoid gossip (including reading it or watching it on tv) complaining and anything negative. She said the first few days it would seem impossible, but after you get working with it more it becomes easier AND it opens your mind for more positive thoughts and therefore more positive responses from the world around you. Can't hurt, so I'm gonna give it a try. I know that I am the one standing in my way most of the time, hoping this helps me get out of that type of mindset.

The Mall rework is coming along great! I am so excited to see how it looks. Just need a few more pages done, and (of course) a response on exclusivity of a graphic I want to buy and it will be up! Going to start the re-work on the network next. Since I really didn't use any front page fancies on there, it should be much easier to work with... we'll see.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Just a few of the hysterical pics I got in e-mail the other day. Saving some for next week. :)

Wow... Really? A gun shop has weapons? What a weird thing to find there.

I think if the human skull had been used more than once I would be more scared.

And this sale... I gotta go. 50% off is great - but HALF PRICE?! What a bargain!

Hope you smiled ~ enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Week, New Breakthru

I think I have the mall ready for content to be added. I like the way it looks and aside from playing with a new header, etc I should be ready to go. I am amazed at what a little bit of looking around at templates for sale can do for inspiration. Now just to buy the graphic I want and I'm ready to go. Very exciting. I love the new look and I hope everyone else does too.